Message from the Chairman Board of Governors

It gives me great pleasure to pen a few words on the historic occasion of the publication of the first Prospectus of Bakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental College Multan. The transformation of an outdoor clinic to a 500 bedded Teaching Hospital is a story of humility of compassion and of an unshakable belief of one man, Mian Muhammad Rasheed . He believed that the nobility of the cause would ensure that formidable obstacles would ultimately be surmounted. That one remarkable human being is Mian Rasheed Ahmed, the founder and chairman of the Bakhtawar Amin Medical Trust.
It was his firm belief and selfless struggle on account of which we can proudly say today that a star has been born in Multan in the shape of a state of the art Medical College and a 500 beds fully equipped and staffed teaching hospital.
Through this document, the Bakhtawar Amin Medical and Dental College declares a firm commitment to excellence in clinical education. We aim to provide the best academic training programme by providing exposure to the whole range of inpatient and outpatient experiences under the supervision of dedicated and highly skilled clinicians and educators who would be the envy of any institution.
When you complete your medical education at BAM & DC, you will be confident in your abilities and your knowledge. We will also strive to ensure that in harmony with the sentiments and spirit of the parent Trust, you will be armed with a strong commitment to ethical medical practice, a humane and unswerving compassion for the disadvantaged, the vulnerable and the underserved.
We are sure you will look back with pride on the day you entered this glorious institution as its first 100 students. We are sure you will prove to be our finest ambassadors in the world of medicine.