Library Collection
Rules & Responsibilities
Return of Material:
General Rules
Library Collection

The Library is situated along with IT Lab in a separate three


building adjacent to the academic block. It has all the essential text and reference books along with reference journals. There is an e-library which has access to online books & journals.


The library has been organized to meet the requirements of students and teachers and facilitate research work. The library has extended hours of service, from 8am to 1Opm.


The Library’s primary goal is to provide quality services and resources for the support of our diverse community of users. These services and resources are designed to facilitate academic success and research productivity. The library shall be under the control of the Principal, who has set up a Library Committee under the Vice Principal for its day-to-day management.


Library is working with the specific aim to provide the students and faculty with state-of-the-art Library. Following facilities are available for members.


Library has extensive collection on health sciences including general subjects.

Material on CDs/DVDs (e-library)

Library has broad collection of CDs/ DVDs for use of library members within the library. Fifty computers have access to HEC digital Library.


Library has subscribed national newspapers for users & press clippings.


Rules & Responsibilities

Librarian & staff responsibilities:

  • Cataloging and classifying library resources.
  • Maintaining computerized library management systems.
  • Liaising with departmental academic staff, external organizations and suppliers.
  • Ensuring that library services meet the needs of all groups of users (e.g. staff, postgraduate students, disabled students).
  • Supporting independent research and learning.
  • Assisting readers to use computer equipment, guide users to conduct literature searches etc.
  • Promoting the library's resources to users.
  • Any other task assigned by administration and Principal Office.
  • Re-shelf the books as the students are advised not to reshelf the books.
  • Updating staff knowledge by regular training of staff.


The borrowing privileges are available to Students, Faculty & Staff of:

  • College of Medicine
  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Rehabilitation Sciences
  • College of Allied Health Sciences

Lending Rules for Students:

  • Reference books are not available for borrowing by the students.
  • Students can borrow two books for a period of 15 days. If the date of return takes place on a holiday, you may return books on next working day.
  • Books fine will not be charged during Spring holidays, Summer holidays & Winter holidays/Eid holidays & Prep. Holidays.
  • A book can be re-issued on borrowing student’s request.
  • Requests for renewals by telephone will not be accepted.
  • If a student leaves the college without returning the book(s), replacement cost of book(s) will be deducted from his/her admission fee security and book(s) will be written off from library ledger/ record.

Lending Rules for Faculty Members /Staff:

  • Professors, Associate & Assistant Professors can borrow (05) books for (60 days).
  • Senior Lecturers & Demonstrators can borrow 02 books for a period of (30) days.
  • A book can be re-issued twice, if any other faculty/staff member does not require the same.
  • Requests for renewals by telephone will not be accepted.
Return of Material:

Return of Library Material:

  • All borrowed books will be returned within the stipulated period. Reminders will be issued to those borrowers, who will not return the books within the prescribed period.
  • Fine will be charged from students against all the books, returned after the due date. While returning the books, members will ensure that entries are completed by the library staff in their presence.
  • Materials must be returned to the Circulation Desk during library hours. Materials must be returned to the library when the renewal limit has been reached.

Overdue Materials:

Materials borrowed from the library are subject to the following:

  • Library users are responsible for remembering when their books are overdue
  • The library is not responsible for notifying borrowers that materials are overdue. Reminders and overdue notices are sent as a courtesy. Failure to receive reminders or overdue notices does not excuse borrowers from the responsibility of returning or renewing items on time to avoid penalties.
  • Overdue notices will be display on notice boards from library staff.
  • Users will not be allowed to check out further materials until their record is cleared.
  • No book shall be kept by any student for more than 15 days. For each succeeding day that a book be kept, there shall be fine of Rs.15/- but the total fine shall not exceed the price of the book. Further issue of books shall be stopped till the fine is paid or the book is returned to the library.
  • Defacement or mutilation of any library material will result in an appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Borrowers who do not comply with circulation policies will not be permitted to receive grades, transcripts, or other credit for    work completed at the college until material return/all charges are cleared.
  • If the reason of non-return of book in time is beyond the control of the student and, student’s overall library record is good and the head of the institution is satisfied, he may reduce the fine.
  • Payments are not accepted at the Library. Charges can be paid through the account’s office.

Damage/Loss of Library Material:

  • Loss of any items must be reported to library staff at once; users will be considered personally responsible and all costs associated with replacing lost or damaged items will be charged to the borrower.
  • Overdue fines apply at all times, including holidays, vacations and intersession. All overdue items that exceed their fine limit or have not been returned after 45 days shall be billed to the user account as “Lost”. When the borrower returns an item marked “Lost”, the replacement fee will be waived, but any overdue fines or processing fees incurred will remain.
  • The charge for damaged items will be determined by the Library depending on an assessment of the severity of the damage, up to the full replacement fee. Damaged items may be replaced by borrowers in lieu of paying the replacement costs.
  • An outstanding balance will result in the temporary suspension of borrowing and renewing privileges. This block will prevent future enrollment/registration and access to other services.
  • Latest market rates in case of books available in the market.
  • Cost of book in case of old books and foreign publications not available in Pakistan.
  • Cost of the complete set will be charged in case the book is part of a set containing more than one volume.
General Rules

General Rules for All

  • Readers and visitors are required to leave their personal books, handbags, briefcases, etc. at the reception near the entrance of the library.
  • Silence and order must be maintained in the library at all times. Any infringement of this rule will be punished by a fine.
  • Any person, who loses, defaces or otherwise seriously damages book etc., shall be liable to pay the cost of the replacement and in the event of the book being one of the set or series, the cost of whole set or series shall be paid by the person.
  • Books that are required for occasional reference, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. and books of great value or rarity shall not be removed from the library.
  • Books that are borrowed from the library are not transferable.
  • Books are issued strictly according to the priority of demand.
  • A suggestion book is kept in the library in which suggestions for new books are invited.
  • Textbooks prescribed by the College shall not be issued to the students.
  • Every borrower will be supplied with a borrower’s student card, which shall be stamped by the librarian every time a book is issued / retuned. If a card is lost, a new card is to be purchased from the librarian for Rs.100/-.
  • The book card placed in the pocket at the end of the book must be delivered to the librarian before the book is taken away and the borrower must have it stamped.
  • The borrower card is not transferable.
  • During stock taking, which will be notified, all books taken must be returned.
  • Periodicals and newspapers received for the student’s section are placed on the table for the use of the students and must not be taken away under any circumstances.
  • Preserve an atmosphere for research and study.
  • Set cell phones and other devices to silent mode.
  • Do not engage in loud conversation or rowdy or hostile behavior, including but not limited to fighting, threatening, intimidating, or abusing Library staff, students and faculty.
  • Do not deface, damage, or misuse Library buildings, furniture, equipment, or collections.
  • Protect Library materials and equipment.
  • Respect laws and campus public safety rules.
  • Use computing resources in a manner consistent with the educational and research goals of the College and in compliance with policies and government laws.
  • Violations of the Code of Conduct may be referred for disciplinary action under applicable College disciplinary processes.

Library staff have the authority to uphold this code and to expect cooperation from all patrons to make the Library a quiet, safe, and appropriate environment conducive for study.