Separate common rooms for boys and girls are located on the ground floor of the auditorium block where students can relax and have discussions. On every floor of the college there are separate washroom facilities for girls and boys.



A cafeteria has been established in the basement of auditorium block where food is hygienically prepared in a clean and well maintained kitchen. The cafeteria has an exclusive area for the staff and students and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable rates.


Library is situated along with the IT Lab in a separate three story building, adjacent to the academic block. It has all the essential text and reference books along with reference journals. Books are indexed and there is an e-library which has access to online books & journals. The library has been organized to meet the requirements of students and teachers and facilitates research work. The library has extended hours from 8 am to 10 pm.



The students have to follow the dress code recommended by college administration.