Identify,no deposit bonus casino elaborate and document all types of threats/risk scenarios, plan and document response for each situation, building and type of person. Get in place the budget approvals for the required resources.

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BAMDC ALERT: BAMDC Security takes all threats to the campus very seriously and will continue to work with all government institutions to maintain the safety and security of the campus.

If you see suspicious activity, report immediately by calling any of the following numbers of Bakhtawar Amin security.

Emergency Numbers

Administrator (Internal Exchange)128
Security Incharge0302-5455288
Gate Security (Internal Exchange)522
Counter Terrorism Department (CTD)0800-111-11
Rescue Service1122
Fire Brigade16/988
Ambulance (Non-emergency)1777
Ambulance (Eidhi Main Control Room)115
Police Hotline1800 225 0000
CPO Multan0337-3151504
Traffic Police993, 1915
IGP Complaint Helpline8787
S.P. City9200475
Punjab Women’s toll-free helpline 1043
Sui Gas119/9220105
Emergency awareness
Preparedness and Response
SOP of security control room
Emergency awareness

Emergency awareness

External Threats:

Natural                          – Flood, Excessive Rain, Earthquake, Fire, Fog

Intentional Acts       – Theft, Sabotage, Arson, Terrorist Attacks

Unintentional Acts – Electric overload, Plumbing problems, Sewerage problems


Internal Threats from current or former





Visitors (Guests, Parents, Patients, Attendants)                 

Threats to:


Information systems




Events – College functions, Sports Week, Seminars, etc.

Preparedness and Response

Identification cards

Starting with Academic Year 2018-19 the College is introducing IDENTIFICATION CARDS for





Students cards will be of five different colors to identify students of each year. The design will also distinguish between Medical & Dental students. Sixth color will be used for Faculty & Management. Seventh color will be for staff.

Security shall familiarize themselves with the color scheme to ensure appropriate vigilance. 

Vigilance Committee has been constituted by the Principal to ensure that IDENTIFICATION CARDS are worn at all times by everyone.


Visitor management system designed to safeguard the entire premises

Upon arrival all visitors are required to report to the front desk at the gate.

Front desk to note particulars of the guests, vehicle number, person/s to meet, purpose of visit, what they are bringing in and what they intend to take out along with the in/out time.

All visitors to be provided IDENTIFICATION CARD which they will have to wear while in college premises.

Retain their CNIC at the front desk.

All visitors must report to the front desk upon departure to return the ID card and reclaim their CNIC.

All faculty and staff use biometric to register their In-Out time.

Data collected as above enables BAMDC administration to quickly know who is in the premises and provide details of current and past visitors to emergency workers to ensure effective evacuation.

SOP of security control room

SOP of security control room

Security control room at BAMDC is the central point to coordinate/monitor all the security activities through the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTVs). It also serves as a hub to regulate the security apparatus so that any untoward incident can be preempted and avoided and also aids in investigating any occurrence. Control room is manned by operator/duty supervisor round the clock. To ensure the 24 hours monitoring uninterrupted power supply is ensured.

Scope of the SOPs  

The Procedure applies to all staff, students, patients and attendant of the patients, contractors, visitors and other members of the public where deemed necessary.


SOPs of the Control Room

  1. Control is manned round the clock by a duty supervisor with Log Book to record all the events.
  2. Control Room has at its disposal multiple communication systems in PTCL, Mobile and Walkie Talkie.
  3. A list of all-important numbers to report any emergency situation is displayed in the control room.
  4. Duty supervisor constantly monitors the CCTVs for any untoward occurrence.
  5. Trespasser and persons without a badge are promptly reported to the Security Officer.
  6. If any Mob gathered in or outside of the College/Hospital premises, the Control room duty person will immediately inform the Security Officer. If the mob is not controllable then the Police/Intelligence agencies are informed by the person on duty in the control room with the prior permission from the concerned authorities.
  7. Unauthorized person is not allowed entry inside the control room.
  8. If any camera is not working same is informed to IT persons for rectification of the fault.
  9. Log book placed in the control room is maintained by the duty person and is checked by the Security Incharge daily.
  10. In case of fire outbreak anywhere in the Institution’s premises, the duty person informs the firefighting personnel and authorities and if necessary, the fire brigade. Security person in the vicinity will cordon the area immediately to control the entry and initiate the evacuation process.
  11. Duty supervisor of the control room shall not be changed without prior permission of the Security Manager.
  12. Duty supervisor is responsible to report any untoward incident to Security officer immediately.
  13. During the classes in the College the duty supervisor will keep special eye for any untoward incident.
  14. At night Outer periphery is monitored by guard’s circulation as well as CCTV.
  15. Control room duty supervisor is employed on the recommendation of the HOD Security

    Training and Review programs to cover


    Emergency evacuation

    Account for all persons

    Areas of Rescue Assistance

    Building Evacuation with the help of Floor Coordinators

    Persons with disabilities

    Bomb/Terrorist attack threat procedures

    Zero-tolerance for

    Drug abuse

    Workplace violence (Ragging of students is NOT ALLOWED and is enforced accordingly)

    Using of Fire Extinguisher

    Maintenance of Confidentiality