College Discipline

Students who are admitted into the Bakhtawar Amin Medical College are deemed to have already pledged their obligation (on the application form) to abide by the rules and regulations of the college. BAMDC students, the future doctors, are expected to manifest a responsible, caring, and understanding attitude towards others at all times. Honesty should be paramount in all their dealings. Dishonest behavior in all settings as well as in examinations will result in irrevocable dismissal from the College. Incorrect reporting of scores at the time of admission would invalidate the admission on discovery of facts at any stage of education.

Other reasons for dismissal might include: submission of false evidence, stealing, willful destruction of equipment, furnishing or property; physical violence against other students, faculty or staff; possession and use of drugs and fire-arms; violation of civil rights of others; organization of civil disturbance, non-payment of College dues without valid reason and any acts or gestures that brings a bad name and bad reputation to College and its members. Protracted absence without permission from classes, clinics, laboratories and other scheduled instructions or practical classes could be a cause for dismissal as well.